Who are we?

Elysium Nordic is a Danish company, that creates new value from end-of-life tires (ELT) by using a pyrolysis technology to recover gas, steel, oil and especially carbon black from ELT. Carbon black is a material which is irreplaceable in the production of, among other, tires and rubber-based materials.

Our mission is to dramatically reduce the amount of one million ELT that are currently incinerated in EU towards a more sustainable use by recycling ELT. A new environmental and economical sustainable alternative now exists. It will contribute to solving the current climate and environmental challenges, by reducing the dependence on non-renewable resources such as oil and materials produced from oil and by recycling most of the materials found in ELT.

The first pyrolysis plant will be built in the port of Nyborg and it will be operational by 2021. The plant will be able to recover more than 9.000 tons of carbon black from 30.000 tons of ELT. The plant will be the important first step towards a more circular, sustainable and economically reasonable approach of handling ELT, in which the tires are recycled instead of incinerated.

The team behind Elysium Nordic is WindSpace, which is an experienced project developer company within renewable energy and sustainability. The Company is based in Denmark with active operations in Poland and Sweden and it has provided construction and operation management services to several wind farms.

The location for our first pyrolysis plant in the port of Nyborg.
Source: Styrelsen for Dataforsyning og Effektivisering, Skråfoto.

Why the name Elysium Nordic?

Elysium is a reference to the Greek mythology, a parallel to heaven, where Elysium (or Elysion) is where the gods’ favorites could spend an eternal happy and blessed life after the death.

In the same way, Elysium Nordic wish to give eternal life to ELT by recovering the valuable materials they contain, to be recycled and “live on” in new products.