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The Elysium Nordic vision

A world that runs entirely on green energy and recycle all its waste

Shaping the green agenda

Elysium Nordic is developed by WindSpace, a leading green tech Developer based in Denmark with current projects in Denmark, Sweden and Poland. Our strategy includes expanding in existing markets and penetrating new markets. Ongoing due diligences on new markets will further develop our pipeline with lucrative green tech projects.

We are do'ers with 15 years of teamwork and practical experience in developing and providing construction and operation 

management services.

We aim to bridge the gap between technology suppliers and investors to the benefit of all parties involved in the context of green energy and recycling of waste.

With Elysium Nordic, WindSpace introduces new ground-breaking, large-scale technology for the recycling of tires to move even closer to fulfil our overall vision.

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The Elysium Nordic values

Our purpose comes to life through our core values: innovation, responsibility, collaboration, passion and commitment

Our values

We are passionate…
…about renewable energy and reuse of waste products. We aim to develop solutions and projects that contribute to the solution of a global problem, while creating value and maximising return for all stakeholders

We take responsibility…
...and deal with all challenges in a trustworthy, transparent and sustainable way with uncompromising adherence to strong moral and ethical principles and values, including the UN sustainable development goals

We nurture innovation,…
…value the ability to think out of the box and are appreciative of

agility, creativity and common sense to solve problems, develop new ideas and create innovative solutions

With strong commitment,…
…accountability, and perseverance in what we do, we deliver in all phases of development, from early inception to project completion, no matter the size, towards a successful closure

Collaborative partnerships…
…create results when integrating economic, environmental and social dimensions into all decisions. We believe our collaborative approach between people and entities positively impacts problem solving, process and results

Board of Directors

We have a very competent management team as part of the next phase of our development and strengthening of the strategy and growth plans.

Rune Blæsbjerg
Board member
+45 4178 8858

Other positions:
WindSpace, Partner and CTO
WindSpace Polska, Director

Board memberships:
WindSpace project SPVs

Past positions:
Danservice, Partner and Director
Vestas, Project and Service Manager

Electrical Engineer

Flemming Engelstoft
Board member
+45 2082 7827

Other positions:
WindSpace Polska, Director
WindSpace project SPVs, Director

Past positions:
i2 Technologies, Nordic Sales Director
IBM, Nordic Sales Executive

MSc. in Economics, Paris & Copenhagen

Michael Bjerregaard
+45 2036 1814
Portr%c3%a6tter michael

Other positions:
Valcon, Management Advisor
UNIT-IT, Chairman of Board

Past positions:
Various CxO roles in NNIT,
IBM and EG

BsC Chemical Engineering
BsC Informatics and Management Accounting.

The team

Elysium Nordic is being developed by WindSpace. WindSpace has since 2006 been operated by its visionary founding partners, senior professionals with substantial proven track record of executing complex projects in co-operation with leading companies in the industry using our proprietary models and process.


The WindSpace team consist of committed industry professionals with complementary skills, knowledge and experience across development, construction, operation and ongoing optimisation of investment projects.

For further info regarding Elysium Nordic, please reach out to WindSpace.

Why the name

Elysium is a reference to the Greek mythology, a parallel to heaven, where Elysium (or Elysion) is where the gods’ favorites could spend an eternal happy and blessed after life.

In the same way, Elysium Nordic wish to give eternal life to ELT by recovering the valuable materials they contain, to be recycled and “live on” in new products.

Career opportunities

Until WindSpace have initiated construction of the Elysium Nordic Nyborg plant, career opportunities will be in WindSpace. At WindSpace, we employ ambitious, curious professionals with an ability to think out of the box and take

initiative. You must possess a passion for sustainable energy and be able to communicate with all stakeholders. WindSpace promotes diversity, good work ethics and collegial collaboration without harassment and discrimination.