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Lower CO2 emissions

Carbon black is mainly produced by incomplete combustion of oil, which has a negative environmental impact. The impact is related to the environmental regulations where the carbon black is produced.

Recovered carbon black has a CO2 footprint which is approx. 80% lower compared to virgin carbon black. Just considering the 12,000 tons carbon black recovered annually by Elysium Nordic from 2024, will lead to a reduction of 52,000 tons of CO2eq.

thereby avoiding the consumption 110,000 barrels of oil per year for virgin carbon black production.

An initial life cycle assessment shows an estimated 52,000 tons of CO2e savings per plant every year.

The use of carbon black becomes more sustainable when it is recovered from existing products and then added to the production of new products.

52,000 tons of CO2eq correspond to:

18000tons en

A step towards circular economy

EU and UN have the aspiration to switch from the current linear economy to a circular economy. This would mean that incineration and landfills are replaced by recycling. Used materials will not become waste but will continuously be re-used.

The target for Elysium Nordic is to operate with next to no waste and recovery of all materials. This circular economy production is possible as:

• the recovered gas will be used to produce heat and electricity for the operation of the plant
• the surplus heat will be delivered to the district heating network
• the scarp steel will be supplied for reuse in new products
• the oil categorized as bio-fuel, as it partly comes from natural rubber
• and the recovered carbon black will be supplied for reuse in new products

The Elysium Nordic plant in Nyborg is a very concrete and important step towards introducing circular economy in the carbon black and rubber industries. We are very proud to introduce the technology in Denmark before a roll out of similar plants in several European countries.

Our contribution to the UN SDG's

Un 5

Gender equality

We are a company undergoing expansion and strong growth. This means that we recruit and hire personnel which provides us with an opportunity to engage in issues of diversity and gender equality. Our goal is to achieve as equitable and inclusive a workplace as possible.

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Affordable and clean energy for all

A large proportion of the world's greenhouse gas emissions are generated as a result of the methods we use to extract, convert and utilize fossil energy. Elysium Nordic contributes to the reduced use of fossil energy by generating renewable energy on a large scale. This also promotes technology development with continued increased efficiency and ever lower costs.

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Decent work and economic growth

Our employees are employed in countries characterized by good employment conditions. However, we engage different subcontractors who in turn might employ personnel from countries that do not always have the same tradition of fair working conditions. We therefore have an important role in setting requirements for decent working conditions throughout the entire value chain of suppliers. In connection with the establishment of a wind power plant, local suppliers must be hired to the extent that they meet requirements regarding quality and competitive pricing.

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Industry, innovation, and infrastructure

Industries and infrastructures need to become more sustainable. Elysium Nordic is constantly working to develop its business through innovation and using the latest technology. This is especially true for our latest initiatives with high-tech recycling of waste through Elysium Nordic, where our ambition is to be the driving force for a whole new approach to large-scale recycling.

Un 12

Responsible consumption and production

Our supplier agreements contain requirements that they must comply with the country's legislation regarding the environment, health and safety, labour law, bribery and corruption, while also complying with our code of conduct, both with regard to their own company and those that they, in turn, engage as sub-contractors. In the event of infringement, corrective measures are required, or otherwise the contract will be terminated.

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Climate action

Greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise, which has serious consequences for ecosystems, ocean acidification, human safety, food production, water supply, health and increased risk of natural disasters.